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February 8, 20151 month ago


Not only has music been my outlet for the past 15 years, but it has allowed me to meet some great people and I must say that Brooke Chini is definitely one of the great ones. She hails from the DMV area but I met her here in Atlanta, fell in love with her  personality and her grind, heard her music and was sold. Check her out and I guarantee you will be too. Thank me later!!!

First, please let the readers know how you got your name and what city you’re repping?

One of the best 90s groups is Camp Lo, their single “Luchini” happens to be one of my favorite songs! I took Chini from that adding it to Brooke. It sounded egdy and fun to play with. As far as my city, I’m repping the entire DC/MD/VA area.

 How long have you been rapping? How did you get started?

I’ve been rapping since I was 12 years old. I was in a singing group at the time. One night we were on our way to the studio and noticed a verse was missing. I proposed a quick 16, hoping it would bring an intriguing dynamic. Once it was laid down, heard, and got great feedback, I found my new outlet.

Now very few have the total package — the look, the talent, and the grind. Women like you are the reason I do this blog. You inspire me. Now what or who inspires or motivates you?

Language inspires me! I was an English Major. I love to play with words. I’m infatuated with the many meanings and ways one can be used. Leadership inspires me! I observe everything and everyone. I see how easily people can be swayed; it motivates me to use their naïveness for positivity.


Who’s your favorite MC or MCs?

Missy Elliot will always be my number one. She has mastered her abilities and knowledge of the game. She was never “manufactured” into something that wasn’t her. And of course all 90s groups; Tribe, De La, Black Moon, Beastie Boys, etc.

 You just named some legends. So who is Brooke listening to right now? What’s your favorite song out right now?

I don’t really listen to a lot of current things and if I do it’s mainly trap. Odd right? I gave you a whole list of substantial artists but I give trap music my ear sometimes? I like the way it sounds and the passion behind some of it. I listen to some Migos’ songs.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced trying to make it in the music industry? Do you think those challenges exist because you’re a woman?

Ahhhh…Same ole…Same ole…. The men want a little more than my talent and I will never compromise my integrity to be heard or for a buck. I’m still getting to know Brooke as an artist, that’s probably the hardest challenge. A lot of the obstacles I’m facing now are in my control.


Now I know you do a lot of traveling. How do you balance being a mom and an artist?

I let my baby girl know all the time that every thing I am doing is for her. She’s three, which is a lucky age because she’ll grow into it rather than it smacking her in the face. It’s not too hard; she receives most of my attention while I’m home and most of it while I’m away.

Love and Hip Hop’s Debra “Miss Deb” Antney recently crowned you “Best Female Rapper” in her Be100 Radio Next Up Competition. That says a lot. How does it feel?

It feels great to be talked about and acknowledged in a positive light. I’ve never been one to dwell in accomplishments; I’m constantly looking for the next stepping-stone. I’m always appreciative but never too comfortable.

What’s next for Brooke? Any projects lined up?

Yes! I’m currently working on my album, which I’m super excited about! The world will get to hear my sound and direction. Once the album is complete and the package is in order…’s show time!

Do you see yourself doing other things in the entertainment industry outside of being an artist?

Acting, print work, songwriting, fashion blogging, radio personality, anything that allows me to exercise my creativity and stay in the mix.


What should we expect from Brooke in 2015 and beyond?

Expect a star! Expect a legend in the making! Expect Brooke to bring an earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, etc. to the world! Expect to get substance back on the radio. Expect to see the DJs playlist bombarded with the truth!

Thanks so much for your time. I wish you much continued success and God’s blessings over everything you do. Any final words, shoutouts?

I just want to give a huge thank you to my………DECISIONS! I’ve made some interesting ones in the ladder years that allowed pain and substance to bleed into my music. Of course my parents, daughter, and her father get all the praise for giving me the ingredients needed for success! And the best for last…….Thank you God.

Follow Brooke Chini on instagram: @Brooke_Chini.

Check out Brooke’s music on Soundcloud:

January 2, 20152 months ago

Queen of the Month: Rising Radio Queen Nena Monroe (@Nena_Monroe)

Now this interview is long overdue. I know you well and for some time now. But I think the rest of the world deserves to know who Nena Monroe is and what she’s ALL about.

First off, please tell the readers how you got the name Nena Monroe.

My grandmother always called me NENA. Lol. She barely ever called me by my name so I embraced Nena as my nickname. It was different being that NENA in Spanish means girl. Monroe came years after. My mother would always say to me, “You spoiled, you must think you Marilyn Monroe.” I’m like who is this lady and after reading her quotes I realized we had so much in common. So I put them together and now I’m NENA Monroe. Lol.

 I’ve seen and sat through many interviews and radio is not for everyone. But you are a natural; you do it effortlessly. How and when did you decide to pursue a career in radio?

I always knew I wanted to work in the industry whether it was music or acting, radio came to me as a surprise. I was invited to ProSoul by Dj S1 as a guest and they loved my personality. Days after they hit me up and asked if I’d like my own show. I was excited and went for it. Now I love it!

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced? Do you think they are because you’re a woman in this business?

I think the challenge I’ve encountered which is most annoying is when people assume that I’m flirting when I’m just actually being friendly. They automatically want to leave business on the backburner and try to pursue me. As a woman I enjoy looking good but never want to be looked at as a sex symbol. I feel because I’m a female in this industry and especially since it’s an after dark show men automatically feel I’m selling myself as a sex symbol and that is by far what I’m doing.

FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1   

How do you balance being a single mom of two and your career?

It’s hard and at times overwhelming but my girls are old enough to know that they have to meet me halfway. They know I’m just grinding so I can be able to give them a better future.

How do your daughters feel about their mom being in the entertainment industry?

They love what their mom does, I actually try to encourage them to follow their dreams whether in this industry or out of it.

What advice would you give other women trying to launch a career in the industry, whether in radio, as an artist, or any field?

To go for it. Stay positive. As women many obstacles come our way, but my motto is, ” Only the strong survive.” So go hard for your  dreams!!!!!

Sooooo, with the return of Nena After Dark, what can we expect from Miss Nena Monroe in 2015?

Mz. Monroe is bringing you a new attitude, a brand new bag of tricks, new and exciting interviews, a better knowledge and understanding of the business, and more relationship advice and thoughts.

Any shoutouts? 

S/O to @LordJnx, @DjS1Events, @Saucedaboss and to all of my viewers and fans. Don’t forget to catch me every Friday on from 10pm-12am EST, as well as every Saturday beginning Jan.17th on from 2-4 pm EST.

Nena After Dark ProSoul Return Christmas


And there you have it! Be sure to follow Nena on Twitter and Instagram @Nena_Monroe. Also check her out each and every Friday night at 10pm EST on, and each and every Saturday on from 2-4pm EST beginning January 17th. 

November 7, 20144 months ago

Queen of the Month: Denver's Own DJ Timeko T (@DJTIMEKOT)

Excited to bring you yet another interview with yet another phenomenal woman. This QUEEN hails from Denver, Colorado, but is representing for women worldwide. She is a Fleet DJ,  a Definition DJ, and a Coast 2 Coast DJ. She is the official DJ for Colorado Christian Hip Hop, and frequently DJs at the Potter’s House of Denver

She is also a member of Game Music Group and BassGang University. Her radio show “Wired to the T” is currently in rotation on Soulstice Radio, Callywood Radio, Rhythm Rave Radio, Sparkx Radio, Fleet DJ Radio, and Pretty Girl Rock Radio. She also co-hosts “Sleepless Nights” with fellow Black Pearl DJ Holiday Sparkx on KGNU 88.5FM. 

Her resume speaks for itself but please take a few minutes to check out DJ Timeko T’s interview with and have your notepad ready because this girl can definitely teach you a few things about hard work! Enjoy!!!


How long have you been DJing for? I started DJing professionally in 2010.

How did you get started? I started as an assistant program director at an online radio station. I was basically an assistant to several different DJs (all men) here in Denver. I handled all of their social media, downloaded and organized music for them, burned CDs and whatever else they needed. I thought if I could do this for all of them, I could do it for myself!

You’ve accomplished so much this year. You won 2014 SEA Female DJ of the Year and 2014 Lady Fleet DJ. Huge accomplishments!!! How does it feel? Winning Female DJ of the Year in two national competitions this year feels AMAZING!! On the flip side, its a lot of pressure to win again and also pushes me to work even harder, practice more, and remain humble. Read more

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